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Enter Glass Engraving Serial Number

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JayEngrave Seal

Welcome to the JayEngrave Catalogue!
Using the 3 digit fields above, enter the serial number found on your hand engraved glass.
All Engravings done prior to the 1st of July 2015 will only feature a one part identification number (Example: 21).

The Three Segmented Serial Numbers
The "Three Segmented Serial Number" relates to the following information:
The 1st Segment: This number is the design number. This number will be assigned to all items bearing the same engraving design.
The 2nd Segment: This number will be a unique number for this design. This tells us how many of this design have been engraved.
The 3rd Segment: Regardless of the design, This number is a totally unique number. This figure tells us the total amount of glass engravings I, JayEngrave, have done to date!
(Example: 7-2-29)

One part Identification Number
To find your engraving in the catalogue, enter your identification number in the 1st and 3rd segment followed by 1 in the 2nd. (Example: 9-1-9)

Dating Your Engraving
Most, if not all, glass engravings will feature the year next to the signature.
By entering your serial number, then viewing the "Engraving Completion Dates", It may be possible to get an exact date of when your engraving was completed.
If more then one engraving was completed for a design, a list of dates, for all engravings, will be shown for that design.
If you entered the serial number correctly, yours should be highlighted in green!
If no date can be traced, you can get an idea by the following information.
If your glass engraving features a single, one part, identification number this will tell you it was engraved prior to the 1st of July 2015.

Please note: Images shown are for reference only.
The glassware may differ slightly, where more then one engraving has been completed of the same design.
(Example: different shaped pint glass).

COA (Certificate Of Authenticity)
All engravings issued after the 3rd of October 2015 would also include a JayEngrave Certificate Of Authenticity.
Like all engravings, each COA is very unique as they are handmade.
A number of techniques are used to give the effect of an aged old scroll.
The COA will include the title of the engraving, the date of completion, a unique serial number, which corresponds to that which appears on the engraving and a signature.