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  • Monkey 47 Gin Warm White LED Upcycled 500ml Bottle Lamp Light
  • The Dalmore The Distillery Exclusive Whisky Silver Mercury Effect LED Bottle Lamp Light
  • Red Leg Spiced Rum 70CL Upcycled LED Bottle lamp light
  • Blantons Silver Edition Bourbon Whiskey Whisky Upcycled LED Bottle Lamp Light
  • Star Wars Jedi Order Hand Made Laser Engraved Wood Keyring Keychain
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About JayEngrave

Hi! my name is Jay, I am a self taught glass engraver based in the UK.
My skills and techniques have come mostly from experimenting.
I started out using a handheld Dremel rotary tool fitted with a flexshaft. This, together with the right diamond burrs, helped me to produce my first engravings.
These where done on empty coffee jars that my wife used for her paint brushes.
A few jars later, I moved to engraving pint glasses which I still enjoy today!
Being pleased with the end results of the completed pint glasses, I then decided to take then next step and invest in a Micromotor.
The Micromotor has opened up many new doors for ideas and possibilities.
Today, I'm learning, growing and polishing my existing skills.

All engravings are logged and recorded, with a unique id.
For referance, these can be viewed via the Catalogue.

My upcycled bottle lighting is created using recycled Rum, Vodka, Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Liqueur bottles and brand new high quality LEDs.
My JayEngrave range of LED Bottle lamps are created using brand new bottles and LEDs.
Most upcycled bottle lamps are Battery Operated making them more portable, there is also a range of Mains Powered bottle lights.
Both battery bottle lamps and the mains powered bottle lamps are available in a range of colours like Cool White, Warm White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Multi-Coloured.


Products can now be shipped internationally (Unless otherwise stated).

Thank you for visiting my website, - I hope you enjoy my work :)

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